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Jackpot 27,7 million Lekë!

This draw, Loto Jackpot 27,7 million Lekë!

The draw: Sunday, 21st of December. Live on Klan TV at 20:05.


The Jackpot amount is 27,7 million Lekë, and it is available to all Loto participants on this Sunday draw.  

In case that in the upcoming draw there will be no winners in the first rank (with 6 correct numbers), than the Jackpot amount will be increasing continually every round based on the sales amount for that respective round (Jackpot principle). 

This according to the game rules: If no prize is won in any of tiers 1 to 3, the entire winnings of the respective tier are added to the same tier in the next Draw.

*The Jackpot amount announced is a forecasted and calculated approximate value. The real value of Jackpot will depend on real sales available for this lot.

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